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V-Stitch Water Bottle Holder – Free Pattern

Water Bottle Holder

This V-Stitch Water Bottle Holder pattern has been a long time coming. I created it a couple of years ago, and have been meaning to publish it for ages. But things kept popping up and it got put on the back burner, again and again.
This week I finally stopped procrastinating and edited the photos and polished the pattern and here we go!
This water bottle holder will hold bottles of just about any shape up to around 700ml.

Please find the free pattern below, or if you would like an ad-free PDF, you can purchase a copy for only $2 by clicking here

crochet V-stitch water bottle holders in pink, green and mustard

Free V-stitch Water Bottle Holder Pattern


10ply, worsted or aran weight cotton.
I used a little over half (55 g)of 1 skein of Knit Picks Dishie yarn,<3.5 oz/100g. 190 yds/173 m>
4.5mm hook
Stitch markers


ch – chain
ss – Slip Stitch
sc – Single Crochet
dc – Double Crochet
V-Stitch – 1DC, Ch1, 1dc all in the same stitch

Main Body

Start with a magic ring or chain 4 and join with a slip stitch to the first ch to form a ring.
Round 1: Ch 2 (does not count as a stitch here and throughout), 12 dc into the ring, join to your first dc with a ss. (12)
Round2: Ch 2, 2dc in each stitch around, join to first dc with a ss (24)
Round 3: Ch 2 *1dc in the first stitch, 2dc in next stitch* repeat from * around, join with a ss (36)
Round 4: Ch 2, In back loops only, 1 dc in each stitch around. Join with a ss ch2, (36)
Round 5: Ch 2, 1 dc in each stitch around, join with a ss (36)

V-Stitch Water Bottle Holder - Round 4, Dc in Back loops only

Round 6: Ch 4 (counts as 1dc and 1 chain), dc in the same stitch, skip 2 stitches V-stitch in next stitch, repeat around, join with a ss into 3rd ch of the ch 4 (12 V-Stitches)
Round 7: slip stitch into chain space of the first v stitch, ch 4 (counts as 1dc and 1 chain) Dc in the same stitch, V stitch into the centre of next V- Stitch, repeat around, join with a ss into 3rd ch of the ch4 (12 V-Stitches)
Rounds 8 -13; repeat round 7. (36)
Round 14: Ch 2, 1dc in the same stitch as ss, *1dc in ch space 1dc in next 2 dc; repeat 11 times, join with a ss. (36)
Round 15: Ch1, sc in each stitch around then join with a ss. (36)

V-Stitch Water Bottle Holder - Round 15 - sc in each stitch

The Strap

Round 1: Continuing on from the slip stitch, ch 131, (or to the length you would like the strap)
Round 2: sc in 2nd ch from hook and every ch stitch along, ss into the 2nd sc of the bag body and then ss into the 3rd stitch along, turn
Round 3: sc in the last sc of the previous round on the strap and each stitch along, finish off leaving a long tail to sew the free end of the trap to the bag.
Count along 16 of the unworked stitches on the top of the bag and place a stitch marker in this stitch.
This marks the first of the 3 stitches you will sew the strap to.
Then sew the end of the strap to the body of the bag, starting with the stitch you marked and going across the 17th and 18th stitches.
Finish off and sew in all your ends, and your V-Stitch water bottle holder is complete.

V-Stitch Water Bottle Holder

I really hope you like the pattern. If you had any issues or questions please send me a message.

This pattern and its images are copyright protected and the sole property of Crochet by Carms.
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