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Wednesday WIP #5 – Call the Midwife Blanket

Wednesday WIP #5 - Call the Midwife Blanket

Wow, that was a long time between posts, wasn’t it? My bad, things just got crazy, and then I just wasn’t in the right headspace and got lazy. Rest assured though that the crochet continued!
A lot has happened since I last posted and a lot of items have been crocheted in that time. One WIP that has taken quite a long time already is my call the midwife blanket.
I’m not even sure when I started this one as it was so long ago. I know it was over 18 months ago though as I posted about it on Instagram in December 2018.

My Call the Midwife Blanket

The pattern I used is from the Little Monkeys Crochet blog, I created a longer starting chain so that I could get 10 of the pattern repeats across the blanket.
The yarn I am using is Bendigo Wollen Mills 4ply Cotton in pink rose, with a 3.5mm hook.
I have managed to get quite a bit done in the last couple of weeks and have just joined my 2nd ball of yarn to the project.

There are 11 rows of the pattern blocks completed and I will do another 4 to get it to 15. This will make the finished size of approximately 90cm x 90cm excluding any border. I am still not sure what I am going to do there. If you have any suggestion of a good border to use with a call the midwife please leave me a comment.
As long I don’t get bored with it again, I’m hoping to finish this one in the next 2 weeks. Just in time for my next markets at Glenbrook.

Next time I make this blanket I will definitely use thicker yarn. I love how the 4ply cotton of this one is turning out, but it is very fiddly and is taking me too long to complete.
What is your favourite yarn to use for a call the midwife blanket?