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Wednesday WIP #2 – Riverbend Cardigan

Half Finished River Cardigan - Wednesday WIP #2

Welcome to Wednesday WIP #2! Considering the crazy week I had, it is almost a miracle I was able to write this.

Today I’m going to show you a project I have had on the go since the end of Summer here in Sydney, and that is the  Riverbend cardigan from Moogly Blog.

I wanted to make something for me to wear that wasn’t a hat or scarf, and this cardigan looked like a good way to do it. As it just basic shapes, and no crazy increasing or decreasing required to acquire the correct size.

I’m using the USA style value balls from Spotlight for this one, it is lovely and soft, especially in this Silver. I’m not doing the colour changes suggested in the pattern, as I wanted it a solid colour. But I might make the border and pocket a contrasting colour if I am feeling brave. So keep an eye out for the finished product, which I hope should be soon!

But 6 months later and I am only just over halfway. But I did a little happy dance when I got that halfway point, let me tell you. 

Half Finished River Cardigan - Wednesday WIP #2
Half Finished River Cardigan

I am going to try my best to finish this one soon. As it will be the perfect Spring Cardigan to throw on for school drop-offs and errands, and just slouching around the house. 

What’s your favourite pattern from Moogly? Let me know in the comments below. 


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